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Website Design & Marketing PictureAs you may know, the process of getting a website designed can be quite confusing. Therefore, finding a company that can help you negotiate the delicate balance of creativity, marketing and technology is key. We want you to be confident that we will be there as honest and reliable marketing partners who's simple goals are to help ease you through the process, build your brand and ultimately "generate new business".


We are marketing and brand consultants who specialize in website design and development for small businesses. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide a full array of brand and marketing services at a much lower cost than typical ad agencies. We are different than most web design firms because we are not only website designers & programmers, but also trained marketing and brand professionals.

We act as partners intent on improving your overall business.
We provide honest feedback and recommendations based on sound research and analysis.
We focus on the things that differentiate you from your competitors in order to make your Internet, brand and marketing strategy more effective.


"After earning an MBA and accumulating extensive experience in Internet marketing, marketing and advertising, I discovered a knowledge gap between website design firms and traditional advertising agencies or marketing firms.

"Many website design firms start out as enthusiastic designers and programmers with no real business or marketing expertise. Conversely, advertising agencies and marketing firms who do great design work sometime outsource their interactive or website programming work at very high rates.

"At Branded Web Design, we bring together business, marketing and branding expertise with extensive web design and interactive experience. We not only build effective websites based on sound marketing principles, but also have the expertise to develop integrated marketing programs based on solid brand strategy."

Eric G. Pfahler, MBA Marketing & International Management

* We are located in Buffalo New York, however we've done business throughout the U.S. and Latin America so don't hesitate to call or email us with any project inquiry or question no matter where you're located.